Why learn to code?

Four reasons you should learn the basics of programming.

Written by Nology Team - 17.01.20

In just two decades, technology has transformed the way modern societies work. It is central to our day-to-day lives: from our smartphones to our work laptops and desktop computers, to voice assistants and smart TV entertainment. And while these familiar objects are the most obvious examples, there is, of course, a much bigger world of technology behind these user-friendly interfaces – satellites, supercomputers, algorithms and artificial intelligence. Learning to code is the first step to working in this world of infinite possibility; the language of computer programmes.

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or attracted to the prospects and potential of a career in technology, here are four irrefutable reasons you should start learning to code:

It’s the business language of the future

Whether you’re pursuing a career in web development, or you’re a small business owner who just wants the basic knowledge to make your website work for you and your customers, coding skills are useful to a whole variety of professions. Coding knowledge can help you change basic website elements such as the design and positioning of text or images, or if you stick at it, build your own website completely from scratch.

Technology is driving businesses forward, and learning the core concepts of programming is a valuable skill in a world increasingly centred around technology.

It’s a creative outlet

Not many people would perceive technology as creative, given the prevalence of STEM-focused job specifications. From mobile apps to computer games, learning to code is a practice of problem-solving and it’s easy to see why people get hooked. There are plenty of software developers who are pursuing ambitious projects of their own, glued to their computers animating the next new fantasy characters for games, or building mobile apps which are everything from puzzle games to navigation tools.

Who knows, your personal projects might just one day catch on at the right time! Many famous tech titans started out programming their ideas from their college bedrooms or home offices. One eponymous Mr Zuckerberg comes to mind.

There are one million tech roles currently vacant, right now

While many coders will be content with learning programming languages to build basic games or problems – the career opportunities in technology are increasingly hard to ignore. Rewarding work, attractive salaries, and the future-proof nature of the profession are pushing more people to realise the potential of web development as a career path. Plus, the demand for technical skills is so enormous, jobs are available at your disposal.

Pursuing a career in technology is the most failsafe way to secure a career at some of the most desirable companies in the world. Just a glance at the jobs board of Airbnb, Google, Tesla, Deloitte, Apple, Netflix, and you’re likely to come across multiple vacant positions in development roles.

Everyone can learn to code!

Although so central to today’s world, technology has, well, a bit of an identity problem. While rooted in the concepts of logic, computer programming has been presumed to be an arena only accessible to those with an aptitude for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, known as STEM subjects.

At _nology, we’re firm believers that everyone can learn to code. From nurses to marketing professionals, biochemists to linguists; our students have come from a huge variety of backgrounds, each bringing with them fresh perspectives and ways of thinking into the world of technology.

Need more reasons to take the plunge, and write your first line of code? Discover where tech can take you, and book a call with the _nology team.


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