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We work with brilliant organisations, our clients, who are actively future proofing their tech teams. They've trusted us to transform the role of technology in their organisation by taking on our contract engineers. Learn about their proven outcomes in the case studies below and speak to us about how our talent solutions can work for you too.

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Our Journey So Far

Almost half of our Citi _nologists come from an underrepresented group in tech. Based on studies back in 2020, only 19% of the whole UK tech sector came from a low socio-economic background – together, we have shattered those stats with our current level of 39%.

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Diversity-first approach

With ambitious growth plans in place, Accenture wanted to overcome the challenge of scaling at pace while ensuring the quality of new hires wasn’t comprised by tight deadlines. They came to us for a solution and we decided to create a pipeline for them – and a diverse one at that.

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Scaling Up at Pace

Goldman Sachs had plans to launch a new Engineering office in Birmingham and needed to hire and build it out quickly. We were a core part of their strategy to introduce new engineering talent into the new office. They were struggling with finding diverse tech talent, and specifically wanted to address their low level of Black employees.

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The positive impact investment

With a company-wide corporate transformation set in motion, Deutsche Bank sought to position technology at the heart of their future activities. Attracting and training both external and internal candidates, _nology created a bespoke training course to drive this desired digital sea change.

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Embedding new tech talent within QBE

With time to hire and diversity being key challenges for QBE, our consultancy model at _nology was the perfect fit. Our approach allows us to deploy almost immediately, with a pool of job-ready tech talent across the globe.

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Restructuring further towards Technology

After working with Admiral Group on hiring junior talent from our software development course, the company looked to the _nology retraining programmes for a bespoke solution on creating new tech talent. 

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After securing funding in 2021, Zego’s goal was to double their headcount from 265 to over 500 employees by the end of the year. With a rise in demand for technologists, they needed support in finding diverse, job-ready tech talent to fill out their existing Engineering team.

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Community first

Revitalising their tech team with new graduates, Nationwide needed to arm them with practical experience and technical knowledge. However, time pressures meant there was little time to dedicate to training. The _nology team delivered a course designed to not only develop tech skills but supercharge a collaborative team culture, too.

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