Hi there! We’re _nology - a tech training and talent hub committed to creating a more diverse, skilled workforce of the future. Our goal is to break down barriers and remove obstacles to entering the tech sector so that everyone, from any background, can find a career they’re truly passionate about. We work with clients to retrain and upskill their existing teams, and host bespoke training sessions to provide them with job-ready consultants with the exact tech stack they require.

The _nology course

Gain hands-on experience of coding in multiple programming languages, frameworks, and tools that employers are looking for right now. You’ll graduate from the course with a portfolio to showcase your coding experience, as well as the work you’ve done on real client projects. Our courses are designed to flex and change according to our clients and the market so that you graduate with an in-demand skill set employers are looking for now. This means that the curriculum can change from course to course – the course outline is always a guidance, and you can find out specific information on the course you’re interested in before you join.

The syllabus is the same for both the full-time 12-week course and the self-paced course. 

Course Syllabus

What You'll Learn

Gain a hands-on experience of coding in multiple programming languages, frameworks and tools that employers are looking for right now. You'll graduate from our courses with a portfolio to showcase your coding experience and set you up for an exciting new career in tech. Our courses are designed to flex and change according to market demand. The content can change from course to course. Not dramatically, however the course outline is always a guidance.

Web Fundamentals:

• Source control: GIT, Github flow, Pull Requests, Code Reviews
• HTML basics: Semantic HTML, accessibility, web page structure & creation
• Responsive design: Design concepts, Grid, Flexbox, Media queries
• Basic DOM interaction to hide & show page elements
• Styling with CSS & CSS preprocessors
• Package management with NPM & Yarn

Web Interactivity:

• Introduction to JavaScript (ES6)
• Variables, Data Types, Scope, Functions, Objects, Arrays
• Further interaction with the DOM to produce more complex applications & functionality
• Loops and Array iterators

Object Oriented Programming & Web Testing:

• Introduction to OOP, Classes & Encapsulation
• Principles of testing
• TDD, Unit testing & Jest
• Continuous Integration with Github & TravisCI

Professional Skills:

• Presentation coaching
• Assertiveness in the workplace
• Active listening
• Dealing with failure
• Teamwork
• Agile projects

JavaScript Frameworks and Client Project:

• Atomic design & componentisation
• Comparison of popular JS frameworks
• Setting up React
• Components, Props and State in React
• Introduction to Backend As A Service & Firebase
• Build REST APIs using Node.js and Express
• NoSQL databases
• Authentication and Authorization
• Client app pitches
• Real project work on a client project

Architecture, Networks & Testing:

• Designing & understanding Systems Architecture
• Networking fundamentals, hosting & HTTP
• Building on Unit Testing with Integration Testing
• API testing & Postman


• Making code awesome using clean code principles
• Understanding Agile principles & processes
• Practice Tech tests & assessments

Job Readiness:

• Interview preparation
• CV, LinkedIn & Github refinement
• Mock Business & Technical interviews
• Job searching with tech recruiters
• Networking events with our hiring partners

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