Cracking the Code for A New Career in Tech

Trainer Liam Farrell puts forward the case for retraining in technology to avoid redundancy in the wave of automation likely to change the future employment landscape.

Written by Ally Elphick - 08.05.19

People of all ages are beginning to look over their shoulders as a wave of automation and emerging technologies begins to eradicate traditional roles from the employment landscape.

However, the challenges of navigating through unchartered digital waters are also providing everyone with an opportunity to regain control of their destiny by reskilling so they can enjoy a change in career.

In a digital age dominated by technology, only 11% of employers do not expect to be affected by the tech skills shortage in the next year. Organisations and even governments are all exploring new ways to attract, develop and retain the people by helping them gain the skills they need to transform their business.

Digital transformation is much more than just another buzzword

It’s about everyone building a new future together by leveraging new and emerging technologies. But the most exciting aspect is that anyone can play a part in that future by embarking on a career as a software engineer.

Forward-thinking job seekers are beginning to embrace these opportunities by gaining the skills to enter the tech industry as a software engineer and secure one of the thousands of empty job roles in the process. But what type of person would make a good software engineer and where do you begin to get started on a new career path?

As automation continues to replace mundane and repetitive job roles, employees are becoming less robotic and learning to unlock their human skills again. Rather than going through the motions, software engineers are presented with new challenges every day and opportunities to learn to solve very complex problems. The industry is attracting individuals that want to be a part of the future and make a difference rather than staring at a spreadsheet.

Contrary to popular belief, you can enter the industry without a university degree 

Whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time or stuck in a career that you feel is going nowhere, with a strong work ethic and desire to succeed, transitioning into a job as a software engineer is within your reach.

Many people talk themselves out of a career change by falling back on excuses such as “I’m not technical enough” or “I’m too old to learn” but the most important skill for a successful software engineer is a problem solving mindset rather than technical background.

Communication Skills

Sure, gaining the right level of technical ability is crucial, but how effectively you can work within a team and across multiple departments is becoming equally as important. The days where awkward techies struggling to make themselves understood outside of IT are long gone. Confident communicators who can talk to people from all levels within a business in a language they can understand is equally as important as any tech skills.

It is widely accepted that soft skills are more challenging to teach and learn than technical skills. Tech boot camps such as _nology are busting the myths of working in tech by pioneering the next generation of tech talent through a 12-week coding accelerator course that equips individuals with relevant tech skills as well as equipping them with the necessary soft skills.

By bridging the skills gap and enabling those looking for a career change with the right training, tools, and techniques, people from all walks of life are quickly becoming invaluable to employers. It’s not just about solving the tech talent shortage problem, it’s also about creating more diverse workforces across every sector.

The digital transformation of everything is opening the doors of the tech industry to everyone. Self-imposed limitations are the only things holding you back and preventing you from achieving your goals. In an era of exponential change, it’s never too late to find a job you love in the tech industry. So, what are you waiting for?


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