Case Study

Putting community first

Building a better tech team for Nationwide.

The Challenge

Revitalising their tech team with the energy of new graduates, Nationwide needed to arm them with the practical programming experience and technical knowledge. Their tech team identified a disconnect between theoretical learning and the application needed to gain the return on investment they needed. With no introductory training set up, the onboarding process for new junior hires was fragmented and inefficient.

Time pressures meant there was little time to dedicate to training, but they needed a new approach to upskilling their workforce which encouraged teamwork and embedded awareness of the Nationwide company values.

The Objective

The _nology team set out to deliver a course not only designed to develop tech skills but supercharge a collaborative team culture within the new hires, too!

Richard James

CTO, Nationwide

“You’ve achieved an amazing, collaborative culture in such a short space of time.”

The Solution

We delivered a 12-week tech accelerated training course, which Nationwide sponsored five students through, to fortify their team with quality new Junior Developers.

Front-end software development course

Full branding and external search and selection campaign

We worked with the Nationwide team to deliver a 12-week tech training course. Underpinned by training in fundamental core skills such as HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, React, Authentication & Authorisation, HTTP, Git and more, the course integrated work on real client projects and agile practices, too.

While _nology focused on delivering the practical knowledge and skills needed, the Nationwide team mentored their students through the course in sessions designed to coach them in the values and culture of the ‘members first’ building society.

The training course delivered 5 new quality Junior Developers with the technical skills and practical experience to start making a difference from their first day on the job. In addition to 5 sponsored students, Nationwide hired an additional 2 graduates from the course, boosting their existing tech team with 7 new employees already well-rehearsed in what makes an efficient tech team environment.

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