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We break down perceived barriers so the highest potential individuals can enter the tech sector, regardless of their background. Our marketing, assessment, training, and support strategies enable them to find a career in which they can truly thrive, meaning we can deliver best-in-class Software and Cloud Engineers. 

We’re committed to creating a more diverse workforce, so inclusivity is at the core of every stage of our tech training courses, from attraction and assessment through to client placements and retention. This purpose is what drives our business, as well as our charity partnerships and attraction process. 

Our processes, policies, and people continuously improve the levels of inclusion and representation in everything we do…


Our CSR partnerships enable us to further our reach to underrepresented and underprivileged individuals, creating routes into tech regardless of their backgrounds. ​

We’re committed to having a positive impact on social mobility by collaborating with partners who can provide placement opportunities for our _nologists. ​We support individuals in overcoming societal, financial, and personal barriers, often beyond their control, and boost their employability.​ We work closely with a number of CSR partners to provide training and employment opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, all while contributing to a more diverse, thriving tech industry. ​

working with


The Prince’s Trust​

The Prince’s Trust is a UK charity that has supported over a million young people across the UK into employment, education, or training. Their mission to upskill and find employment opportunities for young people, often from disadvantaged backgrounds, is fully supported by our own approach. 

We’ll be taking individuals who want to launch a career in tech and teaching them Software Engineering and Cloud skills over an intensive 17-week training course. Our work will equip talented young people with in-demand skills, and provide access to training and employment opportunities that wouldn’t be available to them through the traditional routes into tech.

“Without the right support, it can be incredibly difficult for young people who face disadvantage and adversity to overcome barriers in their lives that could be holding them back. Through our partnership with _nology, we are able to support young people with digital skills and qualifications and helping them build the confidence and skills they need to thrive, so that they can realise their aspirations and succeed.” Julia Beaumont, Chief Technology Officer at The Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust helps us reach people from a huge variety of backgrounds and provides additional pastoral support to enable them to truly thrive.​

“Changing careers into the tech field once felt unattainable, but _nology has made doing so a rewarding journey. From the very first week of the course, they’ve pushed me out of my comfort zone and built my confidence, in a learning environment that encourages inquisitiveness and where diversity is valued. With the skill set I have gained and all the support from the team at _nology and The Prince’s Trust, I am beyond excited to have landed a role with QBE as a Junior Software Engineer.” Kat Villacis, CSR _nologist through The Prince’s Trust; now a Junior Software Engineer at QBE

The National Autistic Society​

This charity supports employers in attracting, recruiting, and retraining autistic employees. We can extend the reach of our coding courses to neurodivergent individuals thanks to the niche job boards that the National Autistic Society, and their charity partners, allow us access to​.

The National Autistic Society supports our clients in creating environments that enable neurodivergent individuals to truly thrive. We receive regular training and input from the National Autistic Society to ensure our teaching style and the support we offer is inclusive and accessible to neurodivergent individuals. They then provide our autistic_nologists support for the first 6 months onsite, alongside professional and pastoral support from us for the entirety of the 18 months. 

You can learn more about our partnership with the National Autistic Society here. ​


“Our partnership with _nology has already given QBE access to technology talent from more diverse backgrounds than traditional recruitment channels have typically been able to access. When we learned of _nology’s partnership with The Prince’s Trust, we were keen to support an initiative that will provide opportunities for young people, some facing great adversity, to create a better future for themselves whilst simultaneously allowing QBE to benefit from the unique knowledge, skills, perspectives and ideas that they bring.” Gary Smith, Head of GIS & Development at QBE


Discover how you can not only ensure access to diverse, quality junior tech talent, but also change the future of a disadvantaged or underrepresented young person’s life.