Why upskill in tech

Upgrade your skill set by learning to code on our Self-Paced course. Having digital skills increases your job security, earning potential and will offer unlimited job opportunities.


Technology is far-reaching and is a part of every industry, and this has only been further fuelled by the pandemic causing a shift to remote working and increased online activities. 

The BBC recently reported that the UK is heading towards a ‘catastrophic’ digital skills shortage ‘disaster’. Experts warn digital skills are vital to economic recovery following the pandemic. The Learning and Work Institute’s research reveals that 70% of young people expect employees to invest in teaching them digital skills on the job, but only half of employers surveyed believe they would be able to provide this. (BBC, 2021) 

Digital skills aren’t just for those working in tech. A good grounding in basic digital skills, such as coding, will boost your career, whether that’s as a Project Manager, Marketeer, Scientist, Designer, or beyond…

There is an unprecedented demand for digitally-skilled individuals – the tech sector advertised over 90,000 jobs per week in August 2020 alone (Tech Nation 2021). There has never been a better time to gain skills that will give you unlimited career progression, job security, excellent earning potential, and the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

Why is now the best time to upskill in digital and tech?

  • People with tech and digital skills earn up to 44% more on average – _nology graduates earn an average starting salary of £28,000 in their first role
  • Learning to code enhances your competency in responding to market needs, thus increasing your job security
  • Upskilling boosts the quality of your work, increasing your confidence to take on new and exciting opportunities
  • You’ll be developing an in-demand skill set, enabling you to work anywhere in the world

How can I upskill?

_nology exists to tackle the skills shortage and lack of diversity in tech. Since being founded in 2018, we have launched countless careers in technology. 76% of our trainees retrained with us from a different career entirely - we’ve helped nurses, professional dancers, bar managers, sales professionals, accountants, and more, to kickstart a thriving career in tech.

Self-paced, fully flexible course, with 12 months access to platform

Anyone, regardless of age, experience, or background, can join a _nology course

Specialist careers team offering support and guidance

One-to-one support via video chats with our expert coaches

Work on real client projects and add to your portfolio

Live group training sessions & online community of fellow students


Thanks to the plethora of roles available, learning to code doesn’t limit you to solely working as a Developer. There are endless opportunities available when you have tech skills. Here are just a few;

  • Project Manager – Average salary £54,200 – £65,000
  • Data Analyst – Average salary £28,000 – £35,000
  • Digital Marketing Manager – Average salary £47,500
  • Website designer – Average salary £34,114 – £38,364
  • UX/ UI Designer – Average salary £62,500
  • Scientist – Average salary £62,500
  • Engineer – Average salary £52,500
  • Technical Writer – Average salary £62,500
  • Tech Coach – Average salary £35,675 – £42,213


Introducing our 12-week full-time course

For anyone looking to upskill in a hurry, we also offer a 12-week, full-time intensive course. You can learn more and pick the course offering most suitable to you here. (link to course page)


Sophie Roe – Developer Analyst at Techmodal

How was your experience on the _nology course?
I felt challenged throughout the whole course (apparently a good thing as means you are learning!), git in the first week was a steep learning curve and then JavaScript. But the coaches are very friendly and go above and beyond to answer questions and teach. It was fun pair programming, the client project was great real job experience and to talk about in interviews.

Roki Seydi – _nology trainee turned Junior Backend Developer at Good Boost

How was your experience on the _nology course?

The _nology course was the best investment I could have gifted myself in 2020. Although the course was intense and fast-paced, and the world out there was crazy, the coaches and fellow trainees made those 12 weeks enjoyable and unforgettable. I also made life-long friends, and I now have the support of a whole community of developers who started this amazing journey with me.

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