Why retrain/upskill in tech

If you want to retrain or upskill and gain skills that will set you up for a thriving career, then look no further - learning to code could be for you... Having digital skills increases your job security, earning potential and will offer unlimited job opportunities.


Across the globe, there is huge demand for tech talent. Companies everywhere are competing against each other to hire anyone with digital skills. Amid the pandemic, IT has been one of the few industries that, overall, hasn’t been too negatively impacted. In fact, many of the initiatives implemented to fight the outbreak are based on digital innovation. There is a real need for tech skills at the moment, which presents people with the opportunity to retrain, future-proof their career, and grow their income. The sector advertised over 90,000 jobs per week in August 2020 alone (Tech Nation 2021). 

  • Salaries in tech pay 44% more on average – _nology graduates earn an average starting salary of £28,700 in their first role
  • The pandemic has fueled the war for talent, meaning you can have your pick of the many exciting companies and roles out there
  • Anyone can learn to code, regardless of age, experience, or background – nearly all of our _nology trainees joined us with no previous coding experience.
  • Digital skills aren’t just for those working in tech. A good grounding in basic digital skills, such as coding, will boost your career, whether that’s as a Project Manager, Marketeer, Scientist, Designer, or beyond…
  • Professional skills are highly transferable when it comes to a career in tech, meaning you’ll already have a head start
  • You’ll be developing an in-demand skill set, enabling you to work anywhere in the world


Thanks to the plethora of roles available, learning to code doesn’t limit you to solely working as a Developer. There are endless opportunities available when you have tech skills. Here are just a few;

  • Project Manager – Average salary £54,200 – £65,000
  • Data Analyst – Average salary £28,000 – £35,000
  • Digital Marketing Manager – Average salary £47,500
  • Website designer – Average salary £34,114 – £38,364
  • UX/ UI Designer – Average salary £62,500
  • Scientist – Average salary £62,500
  • Engineer – Average salary £52,500
  • Technical Writer – Average salary £62,500
  • Tech Coach – Average salary £35,675 – £42,213

How can i retrain/upskill?

_nology exists to tackle the skills shortage and lack of diversity in tech. Since being founded in 2018, we have launched countless careers in technology. 76% of our trainees retrained with us from a different career entirely - we’ve helped nurses, professional dancers, bar managers, sales professionals, accountants, and more, to kickstart a thriving career in tech.

Choose from a self-paced, fully flexible course, or a full-time, 12-week intensive course

Anyone, regardless of age, experience, or background, can join a _nology course

Specialist careers team offering support and guidance

One-to-one support via video chats with our expert coaches

Work on real client projects and add to your portfolio

Live group training sessions & online community of fellow students


Sophie Roe – Developer Analyst at Techmodal

How was your experience on the _nology course?
I felt challenged throughout the whole course (apparently a good thing as means you are learning!), git in the first week was a steep learning curve and then JavaScript. But the coaches are very friendly and go above and beyond to answer questions and teach. It was fun pair programming, the client project was great real job experience and to talk about in interviews.

How was your experience of the post-course careers support?
Bella and Ben were great with prepping for interviews and keeping you feeling motivated during the job hunt. There is also optional post course work which encourages you to keep learning while job hunting. The focus on finding a job from the start of the course, with the professional skills week and post course career support made the nology course stand out to me when looking at different courses.

Aqeel Yamin – Junior Software Engineer at Creditsafe

How was your experience on the _nology course?The learning environment at _nology was brilliant! It was challenging and immersive but the collaboration between students and the support from the coaches really helped to create a great atmosphere. Despite being fully remote, the lessons were still delivered at a very high quality and I’m amazed at how much I was able to learn in such a short space of time.

How was your experience of the post-course careers support?
Fantastic! Bella was determined to find and put us forward for the best possible roles. She kept us promptly updated on changes in the market/ potential vacancies. During my interview process she was always on hand for anything I needed and kept me in the loop with any developments.

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