Where can tech take you?

There's a lot of chatter about the benefits of a career in technology, but what opportunities are available to you when you train in software development?

Written by Nology Team - 17.01.20

Thinking of a career change into technology? A change in direction is never an easy decision, especially when the outcomes are often hard to pin down.

But with coding bootcamps like _nology’s intensive training courses proving their practicality over three-year computer science degrees increasingly delivering top quality Junior Developers, there’s no time like the present to consider whether you could find job satisfaction in technology.

Whether you’re designing apps of the future, leading a project team, designing shoppable social feeds or market-leading fashion eCommerce, tackling cybercrime or working on products which so epitomise the scope of technology; voice-activated sunglasses, autonomous drones, self-driving cars, you name it. It’s all out there for you.

Starting your career in tech gives you the skills to follow any career route. There isn’t a business on the planet who aren’t thinking about how innovation will affect their future as a company. With fundamental skills in coding and software development, you will be positioned at the centre of this change.

The UK tech sector

The UK tech market is one of the most advanced in the world, however figures indicate the skills gap means there are more than 600,000 unfilled positions. A report by Tech Nation revealed the UK received 2.5x more investment in technology in 2018 than anticipated, which, Forbes noted, “the fourth-most important international market for investment in the technology sector, behind only the US, China and India.” In addition, London is the tech unicorn startup of Europe, with new innovations, notably in the fintech sector, attracting investment from all over the world.

It’s a highly challenging career, that rewards creativity with progression and financial security to match. In Europe, the only country employing more people in technology than the UK is Germany. And while companies have been increasing the rate of technological innovation, so consumers are less suspicious and wary of new technology, too.

Fundamentally, coders are writing the business language of the future. With the power of software at your hands you needn’t worry about automation taking your job or innovation disrupting the working economy, because you’ll be part of it. You only need to hit the job boards, or check the job site’s of some of the biggest names in technology – Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and Netflix – to see the near constant demand for talent in software development, engineering and design.

So answering where it can take you is difficult. You could be a lead designer, start your own company, work on saving the planet, understand driverless cars or you could build games. All of these things are centered to tech.

The better question, perhaps, is where do you want to go?

Salary expectations

Recent figures suggest that entry level tech roles offer on average 44% more than the average entry level salary. Launching a career in tech is certainly lucrative. Our average _nology graduate salaries are very competitive.

Where our _nology graduates work

Our latest intake of students work in a wide range of exciting and dynamic roles across a range of sectors. We have placed people in leading financial institutions, exciting start-ups and beyond. We have a client list exceeding 2,000, and are committed to ensuring you are in your dream job 90 days after completing the course.

If you’ve been researching and have been reading our student blogs, our reviews on Course Report or our social media and want to know more about how _nology could help you change your career, speak to our Admissions Manager Jenna.


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