Turning a passion for tech into reality

After struggling with the practicality of a Computer Science degree, Eduardo Romero had a few years out before he was ready to reignite his passion for tech.

Written by Nology Team - 21.08.19

After struggling with the practicality of a Computer Science degree, Eduardo Romero had a few years out before he was ready to reignite his passion for tech.

Leaving the hospitality industry, he joined _nology and discovered just how low his expectations were…

Is it really possible to become a developer in 12 weeks

From the start of the course, I have been pondering this very question. As I write this, about to finish my third week, the answer is becoming a very surprised yes.

I joined the course because tech has always been my passion. I went to University back in Spain to study Computer Science but I didn’t find it endearing at all. It was tedious and, to be honest, useless. After two years of investing my time into that degree, I decided to leave because I saw no correlation with the real world in it. After a few years of figuring myself out and dealing with some personal struggles, I started getting some of the motivation I lost back. Enough to encourage me to leave my hospitality job and check out what this course called _nology was all about.

At _nology everything you learn is relevant and up to date

After week 1, I was blown away by the connection with the industry. Each day, we learn concepts and technologies which are currently relevant as well as practices we should keep up to date with to stand out when interviewing for a job as a developer. Plus, witnessing my colleagues grasp the very concepts which make people afraid of code in only a matter of days is very inspiring.

Motivated to put those concepts and technologies to use, I immediately started to work on my personal interest projects, something I had never felt confident about doing before. Even though it’s only been three weeks, I keep finding myself writing ideas down for future projects.

I can’t wait to see where the skills I learn at _nology take me

Something most people keep asking me is how I am not freaking out about securing a job already since I put all my eggs in the same basket. My answer varies every time depending on how long it’s been since I’ve looked at my bank account but, for the most part, I say it is the kind of risk which suits me. I dropped my degree to become a bartender even though I wasn’t the best at social interactions, then dropped everything again to move to the UK with two nights booked in an Airbnb and no idea where I was going to sleep after that. Now, I am 100% committed to becoming a Web Developer. Starting from scratch is something I am familiar with, but nothing great comes out of being comfortable, and at the very worst, I have the rest of my skills to fall back on.

The course has given me a second chance to pursue my dream career

In conclusion, doing this course is like giving myself a second chance. I have always thought technology was my passion and although I didn’t succeed at first, it doesn’t mean I failed. What I hope to gain from this course is, apart from the objectives of a job position and the ability of coding, is being able to navigate the world of employment in this industry with better knowledge and judgement


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