Learn the skills to become a job-ready Junior Software Developer with _nology's 12-week remote courses. Receive industry leading training, one-on-one support and a guaranteed job upon completion, all from the comfort of your home. Read on to find out what your days will look like.

Written by Nology Team - 24.03.20

Our expert Software Developer Coaches will be training you in real-time, via LIVE interactive and collaborative sessions, as well as providing on-going mentoring and support while you work on a number of personal and client projects

Thinking of joining us remotely in September 2020? Here's an insight into how you’ll be working.


8.30 – 9.00am – Morning Stand-up

Each morning, we will meet on a video call for a daily catchup to recap on what you learned the previous day, plan for the day ahead and an opportunity to demo something that you’ve been working on to the rest of the group.

9.00 – 1.00pm – Morning Training Session

Our coaches will launch into the main training session for the day, which will introduce new coding concepts. Using VS Code Liveshare, the Coach leading the session will share a live version of the code for the day’s learning and you’ll be able to see it changing in real time on your own screen. You’ll code along to replicate what the Coach is building and, if you need some help with your own code, other Coaches will be on hand to bring you up to speed. 

All of the Coaches will be available for discussions and one-to-ones should you need any help or advice throughout the session. Also, we’ll regularly stop for “question breaks” to initiate a conversation as a group. No question is a silly question! 

A recording of the session as well as a copy of all the code you need for the concept will be sent at the end of the session, so you can refer back to it to perfect your version.

1.00 – 2.00pm – Lunch Break

Have some down-time. Stop looking at your screen. Enjoy a tasty lunch so you’re ready and raring to go again at 2!

2.00 – 5.00pm – Afternoon Project Session

The afternoon session will be dedicated to working on coding challenges and practical projects and will be conducted more flexibly. The group will be split into smaller sub-groups and assigned a Coach who will facilitate the session and be your point of contact for one-to-one support. 

During the first few weeks of the course you’ll spend the afternoons working on portfolio projects to showcase to prospective employers later on. 

Once you have gotten to grips with HTML, CSS and begin to learn more complex JavaScript, you will start working on a real client project together as a group and will dedicate a lot of time to this in your afternoons. This can be a challenge to coordinate remotely, so you’ll gain some really valuable experience!

When the client project has been delivered, we’ll spend the afternoons in the final weeks of the course refining your personal project portfolio and conducting group reviews and quality assessment sessions.

5.00pm+ – Evening Work

When the training day is over we encourage you to continue learning and putting it into practice by working on things that you find interesting. Some people build games or working applications, some use this time to build something with the concept they found the hardest to solidify their understanding. Use your evening time wisely to ensure that you understand all of the concepts you learned during the day, before moving onto something new tomorrow.


We know that regular breaks are so important to ensure that you remain focused during such an intensive period of learning. We’ll take frequent short breaks throughout the day to re-hydrate, stretch your legs and refresh your mind. 


Professional Skills Week

In the middle of the course, you’ll be taking a break from coding and will instead brush up on all the things that make you a well-rounded professional software developer. The professional skills week, you’ll participate in sessions on assertiveness, listening, failing, agile working and presentation skills. At the end of this week, you will confidently deliver a 5-10 minute “TED” style talk to the group.

Industry Speakers

Often on a Friday afternoon, an industry professional will dial in and host a talk about an interesting tech topic. The types of people who join us for these talks ranges from CTOs of large insurance firms to young entrepreneurs that have set up their own successful tech business. It’s a great opportunity for you to get inspired and pitch your questions to the pros. 

You will also be able to demo what you have been working on to the guest speakers, who will provide feedback on your products. This will give you the chance to practice your presentation and communication skills.

Agile Retrospectives

We adopt an agile methodology and structure the 12-week course as if it were a software project, where creating awesome developers (you!)  is the product and each week is a new iteration. You will end every week with an hour-long Agile retrospective, which encourages us to take a step away from the code and reflect on how successful the week has been. We will analyse what has gone well as both individuals and the group as a whole and devise an action plan to make improvements moving forwards. 


We totally get that speaking to people through a webcam isn’t the same as the real deal. During the remote course, we’ll be making full use of Slack and Google Meet so that you constantly feel connected. We will host regular social activities remotely so that you can have fun and bond with your fellow trainees outside of the training environment. We love a virtual quiz and online pictionary!



Join from anywhere in the UK

Gone are the days that you have to be based in Bristol or London to join the _nology course. Our dedicated recruiters work with companies on a national scale, so no matter which corner of the UK you’re based in, you can launch your new career in coding.

Recorded training sessions

All of the morning training sessions will be recorded, so if there’s something that you didn’t quite get, no problem! You can re-watch the session as many times as you want.

More one-to-one support 

The _nology Coaching Team used to be shared across Bristol and London intakes. By removing these location restrictions, the whole Coaching Team will be on hand to support you, no matter where you join us from. Also, because you will be doing a lot of coding from home by yourself, they will regularly check in with you for one-to-one sessions in the afternoons. 

More hours in the day

If you’ve already spent the past few weeks working from home, then I bet you’re already experiencing some improvements to your work-life balance. By removing the need to commute into a busy city everyday, you are gaining hours of valuable time back everyday, which you can spend perfecting your projects, or enjoying some well deserved down-time.

Want to find out more about our remote courses? Book a call with our Admissions Manager, Jenna Wilson. 

We are following government and health recommendations and will continue to monitor the situation as it develops over time. We encourage you to stay at home, stay safe and stay connected.

If you’re interested in the course, please email hello@nology.io for more information or speak to Jenna, our Admissions Manager on 0330 128 1580


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