How _nology has boosted my confidence

Despite the fact Andy Ford, 29, has been interested in computers from a very young age, he never thought a career in tech was possible – or even that it was possible to have a job you chose because you enjoy it. Here’s why _nology has changed his mind…

Written by Nology Team - 22.03.19

Despite the fact Andy Ford, 29, has been interested in computers from a very young age, he never thought a career in tech was possible – or even that it was possible to have a job you chose because you enjoy it.

Here’s why _nology has changed his mind…

Before I’d even stepped into a lesson on day one this course had already improved my confidence. Just getting onto it and the fact I’ve actually taken the step towards doing the thing I want to do has given me a massive boost. Also the fact that it was a fairly intensive interview and Peter (Anstey – _nology co-founder) gave me feedback afterwards saying I’d been very honest and that I gave a good interview. I was totally shocked as I haven’t done many interviews before.

For the last eight years and with all my previous jobs it’s been very much ‘want some money? Here’s a job’ or ‘why don’t you come and work here with me?’ This is the first time in my life I have chosen what I want to do for a job and with my life.

Computer studies at school was boring…

I didn’t really like school and couldn’t wait to get out. I kind of blagged seven C grades, went to college to do A levels, then quit and got a Christmas job. I’d always been interested in computers and used them actively in my childhood. When I was five we got our first family computer and I’d mess around programming games. But at school computer studies was really boring. It was all stuff like how a washing machine works – so I went off it.

After leaving college I worked as a painter and decorator. It’s what my dad does, I needed the work and he got it for me. I did that for six years. After that a mate of mine in Swindon told me about a job going at Honda. It was basic work for very good money. I walked into it as the work was pretty boring but the paycheck was much more than I’d been getting before. I was there for two and a half years and then was let go as they were starting to get rid of people. They recently announced they’re closing the whole place down, so it was an early part of that.

I couldn’t believe it!

Around the same time I also lost my flat so I could either move back home or in with my boyfriend in Bristol. I did that and got a job at another manufacturing firm there. It was constant work but harder and for less pay than Honda. By January this year I was thinking I’d need to get another job when an advert for _nology popped up on Facebook. It was about 11pm and I think I was at a house party. I thought it sounded interesting, filled a form in and thought no more of it. Three days later I got a call from Peter inviting me to an interview, I couldn’t believe it. I’d been doing a few courses in my spare time on Udemy – CSS and HTML but I was really only dabbling in it.

Before this course I’d spend twenty minutes in front of a computer and get bored. So if I’m honest, I thought I’d get to _nology and think, ‘what have I done? This isn’t for me and I’ll never be able to work in tech.’ But it’s been the complete opposite. The working environment is lovely – there’s no bits of dust and paint all over me and no backache for a start!

The environment is full of energy, I can’t believe how fast we are learning!

The speed we’re picking things up is incredible. It makes me feel more confident in what I can do – and that’s after just three weeks. Also the fact it’s in an office environment. I’ve never worked in one before and previously it would have terrified me. But it’s really buzzy and full of energy -and what better place to be than a tech recruitment agency?

There is a week coming up on the course called soft skills week that I’m a bit nervous about. Presenting is something I’m not confident with, but I couldn’t be in a more supportive environment to learn it and I’m excited that after it, not only will I have the tech skills, but I’ll also be able to pitch them and myself in a confident way.

_nology has given me direction

If I could some up in a word what _nology has given me – I’d say direction. This course will give me a better quality of life, the chance to work in a nicer job and one I actually enjoy – in something I’ve chosen – for the first time in my life.

It’s great to see how _nology is changing lives, boosting confidence and preparing our students for a thriving career in tech. If you want to join our next course, click here to find out more about what you will be learning.


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