Changing Lanes

Dan Jones joined _nology after studying a masters in Sports performance and exercise psychology. During his degree he found himself at a crossroads in which he decided to switch career paths and become a software developer.

Written by Nology Team - 20.11.19

I have always been fascinated by people, which is why my education naturally progressed into the psychological and social realms. Having obtained my master’s degree in sports performance and exercise psychology, I found myself at an early crossroads in my career.

To push on and complete the last few stages of qualifying as a psychologist or explore new horizons? Then, the opportunity to join _nology appeared.

Joining _nology seemed like a no brainer

To even a beginner like myself, it was clear that code was a different entity altogether. Compared with the study of the human psych, moving into the more explicit world of software would certainly be a test of my modus operandi! But I love a challenge and after completing the onboarding process, as well as getting a taste for the environment that _nology creates, it seemed like a no brainer…

Starting a career in an industry where the opportunities continue to grow is exciting

I am now a little over 7 weeks into my career as a web developer, so to summate my experience so far would seem a little bit green. However, I can wholeheartedly say that I do not regret my decision to pursue a career in tech for one second. Moreover, I can wholeheartedly say that I do not regret my decision to join _nology for one millisecond! To know that I am just starting out in an industry, where the boundaries and opportunities are ever increasing is exciting. This, combined with the guidance, contacts and support that Liam, Craig and all the team at _nology provide certainly gives all nologists the foundations they need to launch into the next steps of their careers.

So what should you expect from _nology?

Firstly, if you are someone like myself, who is concerned about whether or not you could ever grasp coding principles, then _nology is perfect for you. The training team and learning environment supports trial and error and encourages you to test and play around with your code as much as you need to. But after a while, the little wins come and you start to recognise the progress that you are making.

Secondly, the knowledge and teaching approach of Liam and Craig is invaluable. They understand how to deconstruct topics in a way that makes them more understandable. Of course, you are expected to be autonomous with your learning and strive to seek out knowledge in your own time, but the initial guidance you are given, makes the entire learning process much, much more effective.

These two elements of the training are the standout aspects for me. Combined with the infrastructure alongside Opus and Ben, who sculpt our professional profiles and help us become job ready. At _nology you feel that you are constantly evolving a much broader spectrum of skills outside of coding, such as presentation or team working skills.

To finish, _nology is a fantastic, professional and valuable place to be as a fledgling developer and I would recommend it to anyone.


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