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The Challenge

Acquiring new junior hires proved challenging for the Optimum Credit team, with the recruitment struggle in their early-careers space prevalent. The width of the talent pool in Cardiff proved restrictive for the young business to meet their desired growth through the benefits of a diverse tech team. They also found the design element of their tech stack meant they needed inherently creative developers, a key quality which proved to be lacking in new hires.

The Objective

The _nology team saw an opportunity to connect the creative backgrounds of students to this opportunity and support multiple hires from our full-time software developer course.

Ben Westlake - Head of Tech

“The employer afternoon gave us a chance to meet the real person, to walk into their working environment and see what they were working on and passionate about. That meant that when we asked someone for an interview we were able to probe deeper into their ambitions and find out whether they really suited our company. We felt more confident about our hire as a result. If we could hire every employee using that model, essentially visiting them in their previous workplace, we would.”

The Solution

We invited Optimum Credit to our Employer Afternoon to meet our newly graduated _nologists, so they could review suitable candidates in a relaxed and informal environment ahead of interview selection.

Employer Afternoon invitation

Tech recruitment support and long-term partnership

By attending the graduate showcase, Optimum Credit’s Head of Technology could meet 15 trainees in one place. The Employer Afternoon offers an informal setting to review the graduate’s software development projects, while also providing an opportunity for Optimum Credit to present themselves as an attractive employment opportunity.

As a result of the Employer Afternoon, Optimum Credit made three hires from the _nology’s graduate talent pool: two from a marketing background and one from a customer service background. The process allowed them to find the graduates who were attracted to the mission and projects of the company, but also the location. What’s more, the company benefited from the practical application of course and from the emphasis on collaboration and articulation throughout the training.

The quality of the _nology graduates Optimum Credit received has spurred discussion of a retainer model, to forge a long-term relationship with _nology.

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