Build a Bespoke Team

This is the works: full spectrum tech training and development for your business. Where the talent doesn’t exist, _nology works with you to create it. We build bespoke courses to match tech stacks, company structure and hiring strategies. Those objectives aren’t going to meet themselves!

Your future workforce

Transform your development team

We look at your future as a company, set goals around your growth and design a bespoke programme just for you. Attract, train and/or upskill new and existing employees, then watch as your new tech team takes shape. Let’s work together, and find the edge your future digital talent force needs.

Our commitment to culture

Old habits, behaviours and procedures are hard to shift in the work environment. This is your opportunity to refresh the business-as-usual, and set the precedent for your future company culture within your team. By working with _nology, you can find the right people with the motivation and mindset to make your tech team your most valuable talent investment yet.

Attraction - We'll define your opportunity as a company to source the right talent.

Train & Upskill - An intensive 12-week tech training programme built to your specifications.

Selection - We'll help you determine the highest potential talent with the ethos your team embodies.

Retain - An onboarding schedule post-course to ensure the longevity of students and continued progression.

Case Study - Deutsche bank

A positive impact investment

With a company-wide corporate transformation set in motion, Deutsche Bank sought to position technology at the heart of their future activities. Attracting and training both external and internal candidates, _nology created a bespoke training course to drive this desired digital sea change.

Get your dream team

Whether you’ve identified areas of improvement, or you’re looking for support to build new cultures, processes and teams, speak to the _nology to discover how we can help.