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Learn to Code and Kickstart Your Career In Tech - Perfect for People looking for a Career Change at any age. At _nology we believe anyone can learn to code! Become a qualified Software Developer on our flexible Self-Paced course. Course includes client & personal projects, professional skills training, 1:1 careers coaching and support, both with student finance options. Apply now, or book a call with our admissions team if you'd like more information.

Why retrain in tech

Career Change

Anyone can learn to code, regardless of age, experience or background.

But why is now the best time to retrain/switch to a tech career? Amid the coronavirus outbreak, IT is one of the few industries that overall, hasn’t been too negatively impacted. In fact, many of the initiatives to fight the outbreak are based on digital innovation. There is a real need for tech skills at the moment, which presents people with the opportunity to upskill or retrain in tech entirely enabling them to essentially future proof their career and grow their income in the new era. Salaries in the tech industry are 44% higher on average – our graduates go on to earn an AVG starting salary of £28.7K upon course completion!

Benefits of retraining in tech

44% Higher
AVG Salaries

Flexible & Remote

Creative & Innovative

Personal & Professional

In demand
skill set

tech vacancies

What is coding?

Coding is a loose term used to describe the activity of creating software. The computer software on the technological devices we use on a daily basis is produced by writing code which builds software. Coding can be used to create websites, mobile apps, video games and entertainment platforms among many other things.

Why learn to code?

For year’s coding has suffered from an identity problem: perceived as difficult, boring and well, just not very cool. Fast forward to today, and coders are the new rockstars of the professional world. As the world of tech has diversified from building word processors to building software for, say, autonomous drones to fly into disaster zones and deliver life-saving aid or e-commerce giants selling luxury fashion – software developers are central to the continued technological transformation of the world as we once knew it.

Learning the basics of coding can be anything from acquiring the knowledge to help you manage your small business website to the foundations of your future career. Coding skills are among the highest in demand across hundreds of sectors and offer the quickest route into your industry of choice. Fancy a role in education? Committed to tackling climate change? Enamoured by space travel and satellites? From Nike to NASA – learning to code is your route to a career defined by innovation and problem-solving.

Can anyone retrain?


Being a software developer is much more than just writing code. It involves creative problem solving, innovation and is bursting with possibility. Our course aims to encourage creative thinking, idea generation and collaboration – creating new mindsets to face the upcoming technological revolution. You don’t need any qualifications or previous experience of coding to join _nology, in fact most of our trainees joined us with no previous  experience. We’ve trained professional dancers, nurses, accountants, customer service workers and more…

How long does it take to retrain?

Here at _nology that is entirely up to you! One of our most popular options for people looking to retrain is the Self-Paced Software Developer Course. As this course is 100% flexible you can set your own learning hours, you could choose to complete it in 4, 6, 9 or 12 months. However our coaches do recommend a minimum of 15 hours per week of learning. The main benefit of our Self-Paced course is that you could can fit training around any other commitments such as work etc. Upon completion you would be supported by one of the world’s largest tech recruitment companies ‘Opus RS’ to find your first tech job.

Looking to retrain in a hurry? Check out our full-time 12-week Software Developer Course here

What jobs are available if I learn to code?

While most people will start as a Junior Developer, you could progress to become a Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Software Test Engineer, UX designer or a more specialist developer mastering the practice of building Android apps, or using Javascript, for example.

What’s more, tech skills are in such high demand that learning the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, React and more will earn you an attractive starting salary – an average of 44% higher than non-technology entry-level roles. Plus, considering the future value to of the skills you’ll acquire, you’ll enjoy the reassurance of job security for life!

Self-paced Software Developer Course

The Self-Paced Software Developer Course is completely self-paced course hosted on our online platform, where you have 12 months of access to every module covered in our course. You have the ability to set your own learning hours and you can watch the coaching videos as many times as you need making it much easier to get a grasp of those tricky JavaScript frameworks. For when you need that extra support our team of expert coaches are on hand daily to answer any questions you may have via our live chat and to ensure you don’t miss out on peer-to-peer support we have a dedicated slack channel.  

This part-time course is suitable for those looking to continue working alongside the course or looking for a 100% flexible course that will fit in around busy life. Although we recommended you spend 10-15 hours per week studying it is entirely up to you. During the course we will cover all things employability ensuring that you can use your new found skill set to launch a tech career and take advantage of the 44% higher salaries in the tech industry. 

Course cost, funding and starting salaries

  • The Self-paced course costs £3,487.50.
  • We have partnered with a selection of reputable student lenders who offer a range of loans options to cover course fees and/or living expenses while you’re on the course.
  • _nology course graduates go on to earn an average salary of £28.7K in tech upon completion of the course. But your earning potential doesn’t stop there, thanks to the huge variety of career paths in the tech industry due to demand you could go on to earn £50,000+ in just under 2 years.

Become A Developer in 3 Months

Looking to retrain in a hurry?

Learn to code and graduate as a Junior Software Developer in just 3 months on our full-time intensive 12-week Software Developer Course. Upon completion of the course our Opus RS recruitment team will support you in finding your first tech role.

Free Remote Taster Sessions

Come and learn to code a web app, and get a glimpse into the day in the life of a _nologist. We’re a friendly bunch here: with plenty of professional advice to share with anyone curious about the job potential of learning to code. Join us at one of our free remote taster sessions.

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