4-week Coding Foundation Course

Have you always wanted to invest in the technical capability of your workforce, but couldn’t find the time to pause 'business as usual'? This four-week initiative lays the foundations of coding and web design practices, ensuring your staff emerge from this period with a new skill-set to hand.

Upskill your team

The course

On completion of this remote course, your employees will be able to:


• Understand and use coding fundamentals

• Be able to build or modify web applications – using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap

• Understand the principles of agile working and how to work faster and more iteratively using these techniques

• Build marcos in Excel


The course teaches how to work better in combined tech and product teams, enabling a more hands on approach to product design, creation and testing.


Course Fee = £1,000+vat

The time is now

Businesses can take advantage of this time and upskill staff, ensuring that:

• Employees aren’t under-utilised whilst working from home, such as staff on furlough who can still partake in training.
• The skill-set of staff, interns/graduates who may struggle to work effectively from home is enhanced.
• Staff who deal with digital and tech teams on a daily basis will understand technical know-how.
• Companies are working to boost their digital presence in the long term.
Those taking the course will leave with a solid, interactive learning experience from our industry leading software coaches.

If you would like any more information regarding the courses, then please email our Partnerships Manager, Ben Ridgeway - ben@nology.io - or call him on 07398 180759.


Understand complexity
of technical tasks

Speak the technical
team’s language

develop intermediate
programming skills

Build & modify
web applications


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Dan Jones

Junior Web Developer

“The course has been challenging so far, but in a positive, growth way! We are only 4 weeks in and already I can feel a complete shift in mindset starting to occur. You have to be patient, but slowly you start to see the little wins, reinforcing that you are making progress somewhere. Although I enjoy most aspects of the course, the stand out aspect, for me, has to be the quality of training. Liam truly creates an environment where failure is encouraged and learnt from, giving you the time and opportunity to explore, ultimately building confidence in your ability.”

Adam Kovacs

Junior Web Developer

“Nology is not just a big stepping stone in tech but also gives me the opportunity to meet new people and encourages a group dynamic that is supportive. Also, being able to recognize small wins every day in challenges, helps me acknowledge that I’m improving as a developer.”

Alex Mills

Trainee Web Developer

“Learning to code is challenging, but the rewards are worth it. I am enjoying the challenge and can’t wait to see what else there is to learn.”

Kat Kolomycew

Junior Web Developer

“There have been only a few times where I could say that I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be in a given moment of my life, and this is one of them. The challenge is on, the people are awesome, and the atmosphere is fun.”

Maya Keeley

Junior Software Developer

“I love how _nology focuses on many aspects of the developer; the logic, creativity and even the professional skills. It's not just about being able to code!”

Matthew Bickell

Junior Software Trainer

“I decided to take the _nology course to develop a new skill-set, and while I had my reservations before the course began, in just these four short weeks I've learned so much. Everyone from trainers to course mates have been nothing but helpful in ensuring we all get the most out of our time here.”